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Welcome to Hopscotch Boutique of Connecticut! We are a registered Rabbitry with The American Rabbits Breeders Association, ARBA, located in New Britain, CT We specialize in Holland Lop Rabbits. We take the time to teach first time rabbit owners how to care for their new Furever Friends. We can teach any age how to care and love their new fur friend. We can also help register your fur friend as an Emotional Support animal. We are available to keep in touch through all stages of their life, or if any questions or concerns that arise. The reason you wont see pricing on our website is because markings, sex, age and quality will effect the pricing. Some bunnies will come litter box trained or have show quality features. We also have Vienna Marked bunnies in some of our lines. Hop on over to our Rabbitry page and see who available. All of our bunnies are safe in our inside rabbity and are temperature controlled. 
We are located in New Britain, Connecticut but our babies have homes all over New England. Our bunnies have hopped to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Vermont. 
Feel Free to reach out to use at or call us at (860) 966-3103

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